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Governor Signs Controversial Nuclear Subsidy Bill

On May 23, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy signed into law the controversial nuclear subsidy bill that will pay almost $1 BILLION subsidy over a 3-year period to PSE&G; at the expense of all New Jersey customers, not just PSE&G’s customers. For the first time, New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel will not be automatically there to represent our interest. "There is a reason why the companies don't want us in there," Ratepayer Advocate Stefanie Brand told legislators at a marathon hearing back in February 2018. "It's because we do a good job. And what we're asking for is a fair shake for ratepayers, that they have their representative in the room. This has never been done before." The nuclear plants are currently profitable but PSE&G threatened to shut them down unless it receives the subsidy; all without publicly disclosing financial information.

See link below for an Opinion by Columnist Tom Moran in NJ.COM:

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