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Maryland Governor Asks PJM to Stop Transmission Project

August 5, 2018 – In addition to JCP&L’s Monmouth County Reliability Project in New Jersey, there is an epidemic of electrical transmission line projects being proposed across the country. Close to New Jersey, citizen groups in Maryland and Pennsylvania are opposing a PJM-proposed 230 kV transmission project being developed by Transource.

The Governor of Maryland has now weighed in on the Transource project and wrote a letter to PJM, asking them to stop the project and to re-evaluate. (See letter below). State representatives from Pennsylvania have also written to PJM regarding their concerns about the Transource project. It is great to see elected officials doing the right thing for their constituents. Kudos to the "Stop Transource" citizen groups for being able to engage the Governor of Maryland and PA state representatives to get involved. These actions, along with the recent RAGE victory and the Texas Public Utility Commission unanimous decision to reject the Wind Catcher project (which included a 360-mile, 765 kV transmission line), should give hope to citizen groups across the country.

For more information on the Transource project, click on the following links:

Citizen group's website:

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