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Utilities Need To Be Held Accountable

Sometimes, even when we expect certain things to happen, nevertheless, we are still surprised when those things do happened. Readers of our website and our blog know that CHARGE has said that utility companies have long neglected the proper maintenance and upgrade of the local distribution system. For at least one utility company, for the most part, this left the local distribution system in a state of disrepair. The storm-related power outages are only symptoms of the underlying problem.

The following was posted on Facebook by a Middletown Township (Monmouth County) resident on August 25, 2018. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated example of the decrepit state of the local infrastructure. Others have posted about leaning poles, rotted poles, down wires, rusted transformers, branches directly over electrical wires, etc.

According to the US Energy Information Administration: “New Jersey’s the average electrical prices are typically among the 10 highest of the 50 states.” Despite this, experts have testified that the reliability and performance ranks among the worse when compared with other utility companies. Frequent power interruptions lead to loss of productivity, inconvenience and high social costs. However, the incidents like this are also a serious safety hazard and a concern for all New Jersey residents.

----- As posted on Facebook on August 25, 2018 -----

Good afternoon all. I am posting this for everyone to be aware. Thank you Rachael Iannucci Kanapka for asking me to. Last night my son and his baseball team were over celebrating their division championship. 12 year old boys swimming, playing hoops and corn hole, etc. We apparently have a transformer on our property that the former owners had put in that solely is for our home. Last evening while the kids and parents were here this pole fell. No wind or storm. This pole fell in a spot these kids were in and out of minutes before. Not only did this pole fall, the transformer blew up, an oil spill from this old transformer and a car caught on fire. Someone above was watching because thank goodness no one was hurt. Just extremely scared.

To try and summarize this, This pole is on JCP&L maps. This pole should have been inspected along with all the others. It is quite clear is has not been inspected as it was rotted through. This could have killed someone. They have been here all night and are still here. EPA cleaning for oil and sending for testing, and more then one JCP&L big wig here or notified to do damage control. Lots of ass kissing going

On this morning with many nervous looks. JCP&L blaming the sub contractors they hire for inspection. Regardless of who is to blame...someone could have been killed. My husband and I could not sleep with the anxiety of knowing this. Attached are a few pics and we have tons more

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