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Breaking News - NJ DEP Rejects Raritan Bay Gas Pipeline

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection rejected key permits for the Williams NESE Raritan Bay gas pipeline.

In an ABC news article, Wayne Parry, Associated Press, wrote (see link below):

"Alternatives that further avoid or minimize impacts to freshwater wetlands and riparian areas may be available and require further analysis," the department said in a statement issued after 9 p.m.

It determined that the company has not demonstrated a compelling public need for a compressor station that would be used as part of the pipeline, nor did it prove an "extraordinary hardship" exists that would justify building the project as originally proposed.

"The proposed dredging could adversely impact surface water quality within New Jersey waters of the Raritan Bay," the DEP said, adding that the company needs to demonstrate steps it would take to minimize disruption to the bay and ensure compliance with water quality standards.…/jersey-denies-gas-pipeline-permits…

The permits were not denied with prejudice. This means that Williams can reapply its applications.

For now, let’s all savor this moment.

Thank you to Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for doing the right thing!

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