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We Need Your Help - Petition Against FERC Proposed Increase in Transmission Incentives

Thanks to you, we were able to stop the Williams NESE gas pipeline project.

Unfortunately, the same Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) that approved the NESE project, has now proposed to significantly increase the incentives for electric transmission investments on a nationwide basis.

Just last year, non-utility related organizations, including state regulators, state consumer advocates, and grassroots groups, have commented to FERC that they believe the original Congressional mandate for electric transmission investment has been met and that it is appropriate for FERC to revisit its generous electric transmission incentives with the thought of narrowing these incentives if not eliminating them.

In the mid-Atlantic region alone, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel estimated that consumers have paid a staggering $55.6 billion in new transmission costs from 2005 to 2018.

This growth in transmission investments was accompanied by consistent decreases in peak demand while generation capacity increased steadily.

Despite this, FERC has now proposed significant increases in incentives that not only don't ensure reliability and reduce the cost of delivered power but could also result in unjust and unreasonable rates in violation of the law.

The proposed rules do not benefit consumers and would only serve one purpose: to increase profit to transmission utilities, all at the expense of consumers.

We need your help to stop this.

1. Please sign our petition urging FERC to not adopt the proposal.

2. Then share with your friends and associates.

Thank you.

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