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Morris County Freeholder Calls for CEO of FirstEnergy to Resign

August 10, 2020 – In case you missed it, Monmouth County residents are not alone with their anger regarding JCP&L’s responses to power outages.

In JCP&L’s northern territory, Morris County Freeholder Tayfun Selen is highly critical of JCP&L and asked the CEO of FirstEnergy, JCP&L’s corporate parent, to resign.

“Jones, who lives in Ohio, by the way, needs to answer for why more of those profits haven’t been invested back into infrastructure improvements in Morris County and other parts of New Jersey,” said Selen. “If he can’t answer that question to the satisfaction of his customers – like you and me – he should resign and JCP&L should put someone in charge who is accountable.”

Here's the link to Freeholder Selen’s video message:

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